How can I easily monitor dust in and around my workplace?

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Company News | 0 comments

The FDS 15 (Fine Dust Sensor) was displayed for the fist time in the UK at the annual BAA AGM.

Providing a continuous measurement of suspended dust in the conference room it showed that the dusty nature that is typically associated with this industry wasn’t particularly characterised by the members of the BAA attending the AGM!

BAA FDS 15 Image

In this controlled, clean environment the FDS 15 was relatively ‘under-stressed’ – it exhibited base-line readings around 6 Micrograms with peaks up to 30 Micrograms. The peaks clearly coincided with movement, so the largest spikes were experienced shortly after the buffet was rolled out!

FDS 15 dust trends during BAA AGM

This exercise, although very brief, shows the sensitivity of this instrument and the potential for industrial applications can clearly be extrapolated.

Used on a live plant, abnormal operating conditions can be identified immediately, meaning that steps can be taken to reduce hazards to personnel and the environment. A useful live measurement to supplement periodic samples can be effectively utilised to go that extra step.

The BAA AGM proved a good forum to launch the FDS 15 and it is fair to say that those that visited the CEM Solutions stand could see the benefits of this device, with several expressing interest for their particular applications.

These benefits include:

  • Process Monitoring – identifying fugitive emissions
  • Personnel Protection – ensure airborne dust levels are kept at acceptable levels
  • Plant Improvement – quantifiable improvements to LEV and ventilation
  • Office environment – monitor process related dust on the wider workforce

Also on display at the exhibition was the PFM 92C, a triboelectric dust probe designed to detect faulty, damaged or leaking filters. The probe is installed in the clean gas duct after bag filters, cartridge filters or centrifugal separators (cyclones). This early detection of failures minimises product loss, improves environmental conditions and problematic dust emissions.

Image of dust probe / burst bag leak detector pfm 92c

This instrument has over 5000 installations worldwide and is surely the best value dust monitor on the market?

For more information on the FDS 15, PFM 92C our data logging options or any of our further services and products please See our news, and message us at or call 01629 734963.