Our Year in Review 2018

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Cem Solutions Year in Review 2018 – A Look Back by Dominic Sheedy.


Cem Solutions PremisesHaving outgrown our business premises of the past 6 years, CEM Solutions (UK)Ltd. started the year by moving into units within Stancliffe House, whilst still remaining at Molyneux Business Park in Darley Dale, Matlock on the edge of the Peak District – a location ideally placed for servicing our UK-wide customer base.

Our new offices comprise of an administration and meeting space with a separate production, test and repair area and attached stores.




Dr. Foedisch nr. LeipzigCEM visited the headquarters of Foedisch nr. Leipzig Germany to meet with their Development team and look at products currently in trials.

Foedisch has been a leading manufacturer of CEMS monitoring equipment for air pollutants, dust and flow for over 27 years.  The former 25-person-operation has now grown to the ‘Dr. Födisch Group’ with more than 240 employees governed by Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG as the parent company.

We enjoy close links with Foedisch as their UK service partner and supplier.




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Marketing specialist interns from the University of Nottingham spent a fortnight at CEM working with us on our new branding. Together we designed a CEM Solutions (UK) Ltd ‘About Us’ brochure, designed a poster for our office space and helped with updating our product brochures.

This year we have been fortunate to have worked with other local business enterprises: D2N2, Sheffield City Growth Hub and the Digital Growth Programme.





A visit to Achema – the largest annual trade show for the process industry, based in Frankfurt, Germany. Held every three years, this was a great chance to network with colleagues from the industry and look at 3700 exhibitors from 55 countries across the world. The main theme was ‘Flexible Production’, with the exhibitors showcasing modular solutions and intelligent components for the plant of tomorrow.




Steffan CainesSheffield City Region’s RISE scheme offers graduate opportunities within SMEs whilst helping SMEs to recruit graduates in a range of disciplines from universities throughout the UK.

After working with RISE throughout the recruitment process we were pleased to welcome Steffan Caines to the CEM team as Service/Project Engineer.

Steff joins us as an engineering graduate from Swansea University (BEng Hons) and is a great addition to our service department. At present Steff is working on a project at a foundry, investigating fugitive dust emissions.




RWM Cem Another new starter! Anna Wright joins us as Administrative Assistant. If you call the office it’s highly likely that it will be Anna that speaks to you in the first instance!

This month saw us exhibiting for the first time at RWM, the leading waste and recycling event, held annually at the NEC. A great chance to catch up with current customers and meet new faces within this industry sector.

We were excited to display the MCA10 – an MCERTS approved multi-component flue gas analyser used widely throughout the UK and Europe on IED plants.




data acquisition handling systemThe Foedisch MGA12 achieves MCERTS certification, meaning it is suitable for QAL 1 & MCERTS according to EN 15267-3 and approved for IED installations.

This multi-gas analyser for extractive gas component measurement uses cold/dry gas analysis and can simultaneously measure up to 5 gas components (out of a choice of 9) from 2 separate streams.

The Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) is legislation to improve air quality and was introduced because of EU targets to monitor equipment between 1MW-50MW.

This fills the unregulated gap that currently exists between smaller appliances (less than 1MW) and large combustion plants (over 50MW). All new energy plants must be registered and comply with Emissions Limit Values (ELV) by 20th December 2018.
The MGA12 is a highly cost-effective analyser and is well suited to MCPD applications.




New years
The end of a very busy and productive year! We would like to wish all our customers and suppliers the very best for 2019.   If you should want to learn more about how Cem Solutions can help your business, please get in touch.