January – March News

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Production Department

We welcome Sam Skellern to the CEM Solutions team! Sam hails from Ashbourne in South Derbyshire – he takes part in the annual Shrovetide ball game – and has a background in construction and telecommunication engineering. His new role is as Production Operative, joining our manufacturing department who operate from our workshop in Darley Dale, Derbyshire.


We manufacture bespoke Continuous Emissions Monitoring systems to meet a client’s specific requirements, from outlining the technical specification through to installation and commissioning. Full operator training can then be provided on-site, if required. On-going service and support ensure operators are confident that the systems are compliant and equipment uptime is maximised.


Quality Accreditation

CEM Solutions (UK) Ltd are ISO 9001 accredited, demonstrating our ability to consistently provide systems, products and services which meet the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements as well as those of the customer. In addition to this we are approved by ABS Quality Evaluations (an ABS Group Company), helping us to achieve best practise within our manufacturing activities, further enabling customer confidence in our capabilities.


Energy From Waste

“The future is rubbish” – this was one of the key messages of the ‘Energy from Waste’ conference held at County Hall, London on 27-28 February 2019. This annual event discusses new technology, policy updates, best practice and compliance in the energy from waste sector. Recycling and waste technologies are continuously improving and advancing and ambition to tackle our waste is gaining momentum. The event kicked off with Chris Preston – Deputy Director of Defra – discussing the government’s new ‘Resources and Waste Strategy’ which sets out the plan for the next 25 years. Key milestones within this are the key actions for Energy from Waste Plants:

  • Encourage development that increase plant efficiency
  • Help existing plants to make use of heat produced
  • Ensure all future plants achieve recovery status and increase numbers of existing plants formally recognised as achieving this.
  • Help decision making to ensure the best choices are made with waste treatment infrastructure investments and welcome further market development in this area.

With much lively debate over two days with a wide subject area, the message that resonated was that of transparency – as an industry (EfW) we could be much more transparent and visible, promoting the advances that have been made on modern EfW plants. Involving local communities and promoting the benefits of EfW is vital – showcasing the role they play in dealing with waste as a critical part of the overall waste problem. The achievements that have been made should be more visible and the ambitions for tomorrow better communicated.