MCA 10 System News

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Company News | 0 comments

Importing to the UK in 2021

It was on the cards that in early 2021 there might be teething problems importing goods into the UK from the EU, or rather ‘bumps in the road’.

What better way to stress test our new import procedures than with a containerised Duty / Stand-by CEM system?!

With close communication with our partners at Dr Foedisch we were pleased to see that the delivery went as smoothly as the wider project – the equipment arrived safely in the UK just a few days after leaving Leipzig.

The system houses two identical MCA 10 systems both measuring all of the required IED WI components and perhaps of more current interest, N2O and CO2.

The MCA10 is a firm favourite with our service team because of its design, both in terms of access to all parts (everything is accessible from the front of the panel without removing the analyser) and the excellent user interface.

Although not required in this instance, the MCA 10 has an integrated heated manifold enabling future integration of a separate Hg analyser should this ever be required.

A fully integrated e-cabinet collects all of the CEM data and from that the additional devices (dust / flow etc) have been configured to interface with an existing Profibus interface.

This full Duty / Standby system will join the increasing number of MCA 10 installations in the UK. This is an instrument that continues to impress us through its efficient design and reliable performance.

In recent weeks MCA 10 systems have been commissioned on glass furnace and raw gas applications, further showing the MCA 10’s broad reach. The analyser has also been certified with a low NO range, making it also suitable for many gas turbine (GT) applications, watch this space for further information. In the meantime, if you would like any further information or a ‘virtual’ system tour please do drop us a line!