CEM Solutions – Industrial Emissions Monitoring


CEM Solutions – Industrial Emissions Monitoring

Working across the UK in a wide range of industries and applications

Environment Agency Regulated Sites

Part A1 regulated processes. The requirements of the IED are varied and cover a wide range of application including:

  • Large combustion plants
  • Medium Combustion Plants
  • Waste incineration plants
  • Biomass
  • SWIP (Small Waste Incineration Plants)
Our solutions utilise MCERTS EN15267 approved analysers compliant with QAL1 as defined in EN14181, combining class leading performance with superb reliability and support services.

In addition to compliant instruments we can also provide:

  • Raw gas analysers to aid abatement plant control / optimisation – reducing overall operating costs for the whole process.
  • Parallel redundant systems for critical plants to ensure availability of measurement should the unexpected occur.

Local Authority Regulated Sites

These include Part B and Part A2 permitted processes.

MCERTS approved analysers, efficiently and effectively designed to focus on value and performance, suitable for a range of processes including:

  • Thermal Oxidisers
  • Crematoria
  • Industrial Boiler Plant
  • CHP Plant

Our modular system with integrated gas sampling and conditioning can come in many configurations be it a single species (e.g. CO) systems, twin systems to monitor two plants simultaneously, or multi-species system. Should your requirements fall outside of our standard offerings a bespoke solution can be tailored to your exact needs. 

Process Control

Instruments designed to help your process run efficiently and safely.

We can design and implement Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems for a variety of parameters including:

  • Oxygen
  • CO
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Flow (e.g. steam)

Data can be utilised to calculate efficiencies and provide early indication of operational issues that may be compromising the overall plant performance. Services are offered to ensure calibration and reliability are upheld and that the benefits of the process control measurements to the operator are fully realised.

Our DAHS (Data Acquisition and Handling System) provides powerful tools to generate detailed reports on a plants operational status as well as allowing remote monitoring and notifications, so you can ‘be there’ without ‘being there’. 

Bag Filters

Defects in bag filter plants can have a detrimental effect to their performance and can result in reduced plant efficiencies, for example:

  • Foundries can see raised ambient dust levels around a work area
  • Aggregate industry can see loss of valuable product
  • All plants see potential environmental breaches and elevated nuisance dust levels,      both for themselves and their neighbours.

By using sensors individually or as an integrated network, sophisticated monitoring systems can be designed to highlight early plant failure and help to pin-point the exact location of the failure. Identification of a developing issue enables maintenance to be scheduled before it becomes an ISSUE, thus avoiding unplanned shut-downs and facilitating replacement of only the specific failed components. 

Our extensive experience and wide range of monitors to suit all applications and budgets places us well to find a solution for you, either for supply of equipment or for service and support of an existing installation. We offer both qualitative and quantitative dust monitors. 

Further Applications

Wherever there is a combustion bi-product or an emission to atmosphere we will strive to find a solution to suit your requirements. Below are a range of further industries we work in:

  • Anaerobic Digesters / Biogas Plants
  • Landfill Monitoring
  • Research and Development Laborotories
  • Government / University Research Facilities
  • Pilot Plants 
  • Hydrogen Boilers
  • Gasification Plants
  • Road and Rail Tunnel Monitoring
  • Ambient / Boundary Monitoring

Need Help?

If your application or industry is not listed here – contact us and we may be help you or direct you to one of our working partners. 

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