CEM Solutions

Working across the UK in a wide range of industries and applications


CEM Solutions UK Applications; waste incinerator, quarry, power station, biomass plant.

CEM Solutions have extensive experience on biomass applications. Our focus is about providing the best technical and legislatively compliant solution whilst carefully considering upfront investment and ongoing cost of ownership. Our typical CEMS packages include systems for:

  • Grade A wood burners requiring a single dust monitor with data logging, PFM 13C
  • Small waste incineration plants (SWIP), CEMGA
  • Anaerobic digester (AD) plants, MGA 12
  • Part A Regulated IED Chapter IV fully compliant systems for large biomass and waste incinerators, MCA 10

Whatever your biomass process, we offer site visits to give advice on what is most suitable for your particular application.

Industrial and Commercial Boilers

For process control or regulatory compliance, we can design and implement Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems to help optimise your boiler efficiency as well as to provide safety and protection systems. Emissions data can be utilised to identify early operations issues to ensure that your boiler can run at its best and comply with the applicable legislation. Our commitment to service and support provides operators with confidence to act on the information presented. 

Thermal Oxidisers

Monitoring requirements for thermal oxidisers vary considerably. We have the experience to provide a solutions designed for your specific needs, be those for process control or monitoring for environmental compliance. We can supply a modular system capable of making one or all of the following measurements: CO, O2, NOx, TOC, temperature and flow. 

This fully installed and commissioned system benefits from low maintenance and service requirements, with reliability giving the operator assurance. 

Bag Filters

An ineffective bag filter plant not only risks causing environmental breaches, it can also lead to large losses of valuable product and poor performance of plant though loss of efficiency. Monitoring of particulates on the clean side of a filter provides and early indication of plant deterioration.

When managed effectively, maintenance regimes can be pro-active, addressing the ‘small’ problems before they escalate and cause potential plant shut downs. 

Having many years’ experience of monitoring on numerous types of bag filter, we know how to design a system that will work effectively, providing reliable performance and optimising operator benefits.   


Airborne dust is a big concern within the aggregates industry. CEM Solutions have monitors to efficiently and cost effectively monitor bag filter and abatement plants. 

We also offer particulate monitors which can be used to used to monitor ambient dust levels in the workplace , boundary emissions or fugitive dust leaks from plant.